Everything we do and the quality of our work stems from what motivates us, or the lack thereof. Motivating your team can make their work much more enjoyable and often seem easy. Therefore increasing their overall performance and which in tern skyrockets motivation. A motivated team is invested on each other and towards a goal that makes them want to work for it, not just because they need to.

However, motivating your team takes intention. A good leader pays attention, assesses what a team needs, and takes responsibility for giving it to them. Although no one can control anyone else’s attitude towards work, leaders can inspire a positive attitude.

Here are a few ways motivating your team can bring you better results:

1. Lead by example

This is perhaps the most important thing a leader has to do. You will only have your team’s ear once they see that you walk the talk. No one likes a smooth-talker with nothing to show. Do what you say you will do, exhibit the same attitude you want to see in them, and be part of the team, not above it.

By motivating your team you can increase the overall performance. You can reach your goals and success quicker than you thought with Jamie Denyer, Motivational speaker


2. Be Respectful

Yes, you are the leader, the boss, or the coach. But anywhere else, you are just another regular person. By motivating your team you need to treat them the way you want to be treated, that is the regular rule in dealing with others.

Give instructions, corrections, and feedback in a respectful manner. Remember, you cannot demand respect. Respect can only be earned, often by offering it first.


3. Trust them enough to listen

You may have the lead, but your team will also have valuable input to contribute. Make sure you give them a chance to speak and share their insights and opinions. Who knows, they might have seen something you missed!

There are many other ways when motivating your team, and those are only the core principles from which any develop. Looking for a new way to give your team a boost?

Let me help. I can Jamie Denyer, the Grief Preacher, and I can ignite the passion in your team as I bring the fire and get you results!

let me, Jamie Denyer, help motivate your team to drive success

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