Good morning, people Monday motivation.

This week is all about keeping your eyes on the prize not getting sidetracked. You understand not being taken off course keeping your eyes on the prize your eyes on the purpose your eyes on the mission. That’s what it’s all about this week. Moreover, this comes in many many various forms that you can be.

Sidetracked because here’s the thing we get distracted by situations or circumstances unexpected or even the ones that we see coming. We know who’s coming and we’re building up to a particular day Judgment day. However, if you want to call it, listen to this massive test and trial that will come on a particular day visit it can.

Sidetracking you understand but we get sidetracked by people. We get sidetracked by people. You cannot get sidetracked by people who are not even on the track you understand, and these people can be strangers. They can be found. They can even be friends. You see what I’m saying? Listen to people that are close to us.

They can be Frenemies. Do you know the ones that come to us? You know the ones but or two models that have an agenda I want to take us down as if they’re at crab as if they’re a lobster because when you have a crab and a lobster in that particular pot and they try to climb out. That characteristic is to huddle around them grab hold of them and pull them back in and that’s what people want to do to you don’t want to Sidetrack you do you know, why because you may be progressing and you may have started off at the same place as what they did and your nail progress it and they don’t want to see that you know, why because it’s a reminder to.

Of what could have been accomplished if they put in the effort and had the resilience and put in a sacrifice. They would have been where you are, but it’s a reminder to them and they’re too lazy to accomplish what you are now accomplishing so they were trying to Sidetrack you people but don’t get sidetracked by the people who are not even on track, but situations and circumstances can come and like I say listen in an instant, and I’ll give you an example.

Last year last year. I was doing a talk in a place called Bristol the City of Bristol, and I was doing the keynote. I was doing the keynote there, and I was very blessed to have two peers of mine in the crowd to people I call friends who are speakers themselves, and they can vouch for me on this but.

I was due to speak 20 minutes before I was due to speak I get a text message from my sister. My sister said uh, follow me as soon as possible. It’s an emergency fund, my sister. She said mom had been taken to the hospital. She’s had a heart attack. We’ve done the world bad it is, but she’s on the operating table right now.

You’ve been taken by the Amber. Moreover, she’s on the operating table right now. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know Elsevier his, but I need to tell you the mundane hospital. Now. This is 230 miles away from me. Listen, I can’t do anything, but it affects me it affects me. So what did I do? 20 minutes before I’m due to go on stage 20 minutes perform due to give a keynote.

So I went into a toilet. I cried, and I prayed for two minutes. Then I took a deep breath. Then I sucked it in then I dusted myself off then. I went and gave one hell of a talk smashed it to Pieces. Why? Because I had this Mission, I had to accomplish I had this purpose that I have that I’ve got fulfil the destiny in which I got to get to and all of a sudden I wasn’t doing it for me.

I was doing it for Mom was drawing from that- that negative situation that negative energy that those negative Vibes are negative thoughts turned them. Boom push them out in pure positivity, and that’s what you got to do. Moreover, that’s what makes me who I am. That’s what makes me the speaker in which I am that’s what makes me the beast and that’s why you can achieve Beast mentality. Beast mould in whatever it is that you do whatever field you in whatever profession you’re in you can achieve that that’s where you got to get to and you will only get there. If you are not sidetracked, you’re not sidetracked by situations circumstances and especially people that want to drag you down and like I say; they could be strangers.

They could be friends. They can also be family to understand so you can’t get sidetracked by them. Listen because lions are not. Bothered by the opinions of sheep. Lions are not bothered by the actions of sheep. Moreover, this can come as I say in so many different forms situations and circumstances that are instant that they’re coming at the blue like the news of Mama.
However, then the stuff that can be built up. There may be stuff that you are dealing with this stuff. Listen, there’s the old Darkness. There’s the old Cloud there’s the fuck there’s you know the pit in which we go into sometimes, and there are people that deal with that on a more severe scale than others.

You’re flat out the pressure and anxiety worry and stress mental health in some shape or form post-traumatic stress disorder all this stuff. Listen when that. When that comes to Sidetrack you what I need you to do is not let it sidetracked you in as much as this you don’t need to get as much stuff done.

As what you would do if you were firing on all cylinders, but I need you to get up and just to do one thing that day. Just the one thing just one thing. That’s all it takes. That’s that’s all I’m asking from you. That’s what I’m asking for is to do one thing because if you’re firing on all cylinders, you might have been able to do ten things ten things that day and you might have them on your list.
However, if you get up and you do one, do you know what? That’s more self-development there. You learn more about yourself by doing just that one thing when the fog is around you with darkness is around when that clouds upon you and that blanket of white is weighing down heavy on you. Listen, when you’re in the pit when you do that one thing you learn more about yourself by doing that one thing by doing ten things when you’re firing on all cylinders because that is easy.

You know what that’s true self-development right there. Moreover, that’s the thing is it’s still a step in the right direction. You will come out of that, and you will look back at that time. You will look back at that time and say thank goodness. Thank goodness. I do that one thing because that one thing can be the game changer.

One thing can change things beyond your wildest dreams and get you to where it is. You want to get to and need to be listening fulfilling your destiny fulfilling your purpose that one thing can do it. Moreover, you will look back, and you will say I didn’t get sidetracked on that day. Yes, it slowed me down a little bit because I couldn’t do as much as what I would have done if I was five and all but I did not get sidetracked, and that’s what you can say to people.

Listen. I don’t get sidetracked unless an amazing lesson. An amazing teaching that you can show to others maybe even your kids. Do you understand? Because that is some of the best gifts that you can give that is the best blessing that you can give. That’s one of the best lessons that you can charm is that you don’t get sidetracked and you did not stop listening.
English science is all that all that all that is important. However, you know that sometimes the greatest lesson in which you show the ones within your own four walls, and it’s all to do with your actions and ought to do with how life comes at you and knocks at your door. Sometimes you don’t even knock on your door.

It comes through you do it smashes it off of the hinges and comes in unannounced and if your kids see you standing firm like an oak tree rooted in good soil. That will say listen if my mom and my dad can do it then so can I later on in life then? So can I. So it’s all about not getting sidetracked people.

It’s all about not getting sidetracked by situations or circumstances. It’s all about not getting distracted by people. It’s all about getting not getting distracted by Frenemies, by Friends, by Family, by strangers, by circumstance, by slammed, by gossip, by anything–but mudslinging, it’s not.

Getting sidetracked this week. You will not get sidetracked on once, you know, you can do it for this week, you know that you can then carry it on and you will never get sidetracked again. Yes, the test will come. Yes. They will come. Yes. It will hit hard sometimes, but you will not get sidetracked.

You will keep on moving forward even if it is only a baby steps baby steps still progress. Nonetheless. Do you understand me? So that’s what you have to do. This week is not get sidetracked and even when. It’s in the form of like mental health or grief. Do you know what even if grief comes at you this week, if grief comes out, your grief is still lingering for someone who has passed someone did to someone whom you loved unconditionally with all your heart as path, and it’s still in you know, what now-now is the time to not get sidetracked by their passing now is the time is the opportunity for you to get up and live for them as well for that.
Listen. You’ve got to do it for you. Moreover, then you’re doing it for two people. Now listen to responsibility has been put up on your shoulders. You can handle it. Listen you can you can take care of business. You have the strength to get through it, and you will not get sidetracked by grief by mental health through situations by circumstances, but by gossip, bye bye.

By any test that will come your way and I know that loads of people on here same as me we have our eyes on the prize. We have our eyes on the prize of a particular About him it’s all about I am, and that’s the thing people do. He doesn’t matter whether it’s I am or work or personal or business destiny that you have to get to don’t lose sight of the prize.
Don’t listen. Don’t take your eyes off the prize. The purpose is there. Yes, it may be painful but the pain. That it takes will be outweighed by the reward that you get from reaching your purpose. Do you understand? So don’t get sidetracked this week people and once you know, you can do it this week, you know, so you can do it for the rest of the week for the week after week after that and forevermore?
So sidetracked remember to listen Lions do not care about the opinions and the actions of sheep. So this week I want you to roar roar a lion don’t get sidetracked blessings.

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