Empowering today’s youth to become tomorrow’s leaders
Wow! Most Inspirational young people’s speaker I have ever heard. Blew my mind! Every young peep NEEDS to hear Jamie speak! – Debbie Wildi – True Relax

In an ever-changing and fast paced world,

The youth of today can easily get caught off guard by its tests & trials. Today’s challenges are battled with yesterday’s values, morals & work ethics that bring clarity and hope for their futures.

There's an ever increasing weight being bestowed upon the shoulders of the youth of today, that come from a variety of reasons.

With a greater exposure to the world and all it offers, good and bad.

Their very young numerical age is being subjected to a very adult environment, and all the pressures it brings.

We can tackle

  • Lifestyle Choices
  • Social Media Safety
  • Consequences of Actions
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Grief Support
  • Resilience
  • Effort
  • Sacrifice
“I suffer from depression and all the time I think about ending my life. But after your talk, it’s inspired me to carry on and make something of my life.”


NPT College Student

Griefpreacher was the most inspirational, thought provoking & powerful speaker I’ve ever witnessed. Awe-Inspiring


Pupil at Cynffig Comprehensive School

“I’ve never seen 1 person inspire so many with a talk before. Jamie made me look at life Ina. Whole different way”


ACT Training Centre Student

Primary School Feedback
“An Incredible day. Our pupils, aged between 7 and 11 were captivated from beginning to end and STILL had more questions for Jamie. The presentation was skilfully adapted to suit the cognitive and emotional needs of our young children, and Jamie’s message rang loud and clear. Parents and teachers were inspired to remember that the difference begins and ends at home and in school. We were all sorry to see Jamie go at the end of the day and hope to welcome him back every year!” Rachael Mackey

Monnow Primary School

Hi, I am a teaching assistant from Monnow primary school. I just want to say what an amazing inspirational talk today. It really opened my eyes. I never heard a speech like i did today. Thank you so much, it was a great talk Abigail Jayne Scrivens

Teaching Assistant, Monnow Primary School

Comprehensive School Feedback
“Grief Preacher today, One word EMPOWERING!!! You have given me motivation and strength to pursue my dreams and desire Passion not Anger” Connor Walters

“Jamie’s speech was the most Inspirational, thought provoking and powerful thing I’ve ever witnessed. Awe Inspiring” Cameron Peters

“Jamie was the most inspirational talks I’ve seen! Honestly benefited from this! Thank You” Lauren Oxendale

College/University Feedback
“That story today at Middlesbrough College was motivating and you were brilliant and it was the best motivational speech I’ve ever seen, so cheers mate” James Jacobs

“Hi, I just wanted to say a massive thank you, you was doing a talk in my college on Monday, at NNC, and to be honest I didnt want to go, but I am so glad that is did! In just under a year I have lost three of the most closest and influential people in my life, and you gave me hope and faith that I can get through it. Thank you so much x” Hannah Cuthbot

“What an absolutely fantastic and inspirational, motivational speaker that truly had a positive impact on the students at Dearne Vally College yesterday. You should be so proud of the work that you do and continue to do. Your passion shines through, Thank you” Shelley Walker

Big ideas Wales

I’m very proud to be a role model for “Big ideas Wales”.

The privilege to be given the opportunity to educate, motivate and inspire the next generation of workers, self-employed business owners and entrepreneurs is something I regard as a true blessing.
Today at work I sat in on @GRIEFPREACHER‘s @BigIdeasWales talk. I’ve never been so moved & inspired by a talk. An inspiration & [1/2] Lauren Davies


@GRIEFPREACHER it was an honour to meet you at @BigIdeasWales – totally inspirational and had me in tears! Rock The Dragon


Never heard such a deep talk before! Thank you @GRIEFPREACHER much appreciated Callum Swinford


true role model. If anyone is looking for an inspiring speaker especially for young people I’d highly recommend [2/2] Lauren Davies


@GRIEFPREACHER thanks so much for coming in, speakers like you really can make a difference Scot Hawtin


my son Finn from school has just been telling me all about your presentation there yesterday. People Jim Harle

@Jim_Harle ‏

I was speechless after hearing speak, I’ve heard loads of role models, but no one like this Shaz Is New Here


Thank you to @GRIEFPREACHER for dropping into Role Model training today! Big Ideas Wales


Hi, I was in the group of people who spoke to Rathbone and I Listened to every single word of what you said. I have depression and all the time I think about ending my life because it’s too painful to go on but after your talk you’ve made me realise that I come do anything I want and I shouldn’t let other people affect week. You’ve made me think completely different about life. I now know what I need to do in order to prove others wrong and achieve the goals I want. If I believe I can do something wanna try much harder to achieve my dreams because if I don’t then I’ll never get to where I want to be. I want to get to the top and half to put in the effort in order to succeed. In a way a 2 hour talk has changed my perspective on life Freya Jenkins


Hey, I was in workshop college yesterday for one of your talks. You was amazing and so inspiring! I have suffered from mental health and anxiety and a whole lot of other problems for over five years now. Your talk made me feel like I could do anything I wanted to do, and be strong and enjoy my life I have. Everything you have been through and you are still strong! It’s amazing! I came home telling all my family about how good it was Beth Riley

Been to a talk at work today about making anything positive and how your actions affect others. I have never been so moved and also emotional from seeing someone stand in front of a crowd and speak with so much passion as I have today. Almost an hour later and my hands are still shaking from what It made me feel. Thank you grief preacher for what you have done and continue to do for your nephew there is definitely one person who has come out of your session, feeling more positive about life. You have moved me to tears, just from your words and your emotion. It was an honour to shake your hand today.

Jessica Robinson


Hey I’m James Honlon from Middlesbrough College, your speech was really good and it inspired me, I have had Depression my whole life and been bullied my whole life, that story made me think differently about everyone who has made a negative impact on my life I’m turning into a positive. Thank you!!! James Honlon

Middlesbrough College