Inspirational, Educational, Life Changing, Breathtaking

Jamie Denyer

Inspirational, Educational, Life Changing, Breathtaking

Jamie Denyer

What I do

I change & develop lives with my words. I take the responsibility I’ve been given as an inspirational speaker in Primary & secondary schools, colleges, universities, YOI’s, Prisons, Corporate, and professional sports teams very seriously.
No matter what the demographics of the audience, I’ve found that each one is in need of one, some or all of the topics of leadership, guidance, inspiration, focus, education, resilience, adversity comeback, Moral guidance, & harsh reality that I cover, why? Because we are all human.

Why I Do It

My Speaking BEAST was unleashed in the aftermath of my 19yr old nephew being killed by a single punch in 2012. The choice I had to make was I could either curl up, stay broken and become silent about the world’s injustices and hardships. Or, stand up, Fix myself, and speak for two about the world’s injustices and hardships, that would help pull others out of the darkness they might find themselves in. I’ve been helped and comforted, so I must help and comfort others.


Empowering today’s youth to become tomorrow’s leaders

In an ever-changing and fast-paced world, the youth of today can quickly get caught off guard by its tests & trials. Today’s challenges are battled with yesterday’s values, morals & work ethics that bring clarity and hope for their futures.


Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard

In any and every sport, the individual, regardless of how successful they look to you can suffer with confidence loss, drop in form, low mental resilience, and lack of effort. These things can certainly be put right.. let’s get it done!


The OPPORTUNITY you have to start changing the game.

There’s a delusion in the corporate world that “everyone who looks like they’re doing well, is doing well” looks can be deceiving. With mental health costing the economy £42 billion each year with the time taken off, proves our workers are suffering.

One Punch Can Kill

Knives, guns & hands are life taking weapons.

One punch killings are very much under the radar but on the rise problem. With society deeming it not as serious as knife & gun crime, I’m on a mission to prove otherwise


Realise Community Potential

Although the topic & reason was painful, the chance to stand on the famous red spot and be a part of a change making global brand was a real privilege.

A Word from

Emma Wilkins

” Jamie has been a guest speaker at several Welsh business shows and is one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen. He’s someone I would book again and again. His energy is contagious and he has consistently filled every seminar. I would without hesitation recommend Jamie as a motivational speaker at any event. ”