One Punch Can Kill

Throwing a punch CAN be fatal.. it’s a under the radar, but on the rise killer.
A punch is an action that so many have been guilty of throwing within their lifetime. And also an action that So many wouldn’t think twice about throwing in the future if they felt justified.
99% of these people have never carried a knife, or drawn a gun, let alone used the knife or gun directly against someone, knowing that it’s possible to take someone’s life with that particular weapon. Yet all 3 can have the same outcome – LOSS OF LIFE.

Throwing a punch CAN be fatal.. it’s a under the radar, but on the rise killer. And that one action can be the difference between your family coming to visit you in a jail cell, whilst you have a hurdler or manslaughter charge hanging over your head. Or they’re coming to visit you in an intensive care unit, coming to say their final goodbyes to you.

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You’re such an inspiration, that was honestly the best talk I’ve ever had at Bishop Vaughan school. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Rest in peace Connor.

Daisy Davison

Bishop Vaughan

The most motivational and engaging workshop I’ve attended, with the ability to change the mindset of young people with reality and fact and no sugar coating! Very Inspirational.

Emma Pike

I’m still thinking about Grief Preachers talk about 1 punch can kill. such a powerful message.

Cara Silvey

Gowerton Comp

The grief preacher is a true legend and so is Connor. You told us such an important message. Thank you.

Teigan Wills

Bishop Gore

Your talk is the best advice I’ve ever had. Woke me up a lot. Thanks

Rhidian Thomas

Olchfa Comp

Your talks were the best part of the entire week, captivate everyone and got an amazing message across.

Rhiannon Andrews

Cynffig Comp, Olchfa Comp

You’re a real inspiration to tell us all at ACT about the damage that one single punch can do. I had no idea that it could cause so much pain. You’re a real role model to those who need it. And we really needed your advice today. Keep doing what you’re doing and get your message out there.

Paul Stephens

ACT Training Centre

I can’t pick my favourite parts of your talk because I loved at all! But I definitely learnt that the smallest of actions can cause so many more big ones. Your talk made me realise that so many people are losing their lives or being injured for the rest of their life by one punch. It made me feel that I can even stop someone from being hurt. Since your talk, I’ve had such a new outlook on life. You really don’t know what’s going to happen, so you need to make the most of your life.
Hope to meet/see you again!

Ria Husband

Hi Jamie,
I sat in with my year 8 form during one of your workshops. The people were hanging on to your every word and you could see that the message had hit home.

Gwilym Ayre

What I thought was going to be a normal day in college turned out to be one of the most extraordinary and moving. Grief Preacher told us all a heartbreaking story of how a single punch can end a person’s life so instantly and effortlessly. I think everyone should hear this and take the time to really think about the consequences of our actions.

His loyalty to someone dear to him has brought him a long way and the promises he made are still being kept. But most of all, his aim to educate people about the devastating effects that one punch can inflict is truly inspirational.


Hi, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your talk at ACT today, it was so inspirational and has really made me reflect on myself and what kind of person I want to be And what impression I want to leave. After you told your story about Connor, he really inspired me. I believe everything you do is inspires hundreds of people.
Thank you

Williams C

Hi, I was with a year 8 class and you had the pupils completely spellbound. The message was to the point and effective and both pupils and staff were talking about it for ages afterwards. I have also referred to my RE lessons where it is relevant

Julie Thomas

Still to this day, and put in situations involving violence and get flashbacks of your inspiring talk, you spoke to me at Cynffig Comp.
Just can’t believe the words you stuck with me and it was a good couple of months ago you visited, more people should hear about Connors story and listen and feel the effects that I have.
Such a brave, strong fierce uncle Connor had to preach his story back to other, thank you for leaving marks from the talk you gave us!!
It will be something I will never forget and still get quite choked up about it now. R.I.P Connor

Katrina Evans