Want to know a secret? It only takes 7 seconds to make a first impression. From the moment a person stands up and begins to speak, the audience has already started to make up their minds about you.

The first impression will determine from which perspective they will hear what you have to say. It is up to you to make that first impression good or bad.

Make a good first impression, learn to speak confidently with me Jamie DenyerIn the business world, the entrepreneur or the managers aren’t the only ones potential clients look to in order to asses a company. From the receptionist to your salesperson and down to every member of your staff, they all collectively represent your company. The way they act and the way they speak will reflect on the business, and that will either make or break your reputation. No one would likely place their trust and investment on a representative that stammers. Reports and a sales pitch that is lousy and poorly delivered can hurt your business growth. This is why giving your team regular training and development seminars is important.


Give your team the training that they need, and watch your business grow beyond you ever expected.

Jamie Denyer can help develop your team’s communication skills and confidence.

This will turn a to a valuable asset for you and your business. Make those 7 seconds count!

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